How to build a Dual Rotor Axial Flux Alternator PMA for a Wind Turbine

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This video is Part I in a series from that details the construction process and techniques used to build a Do- it- Yourself axial flux alternator. More details and supplies are available from our web site. Thank you for watching. Let us know if it is helpful.


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  1. Hands down, This was the best Coil construction video I have ever seen.

  2. most bodaciously awesome video guys! pay no attention to negative comments. i love it!
    have been looking around trying to figure out how these things get connected to the house

  3. How many watt did you get from this Generator. And did you use the coils with iron core for more Power? I used Aircoils and the Power is not possible to use. MFG Certifiedchrome

  4. Ok, Why are there 9 coild and 12 magnets? not 12 and 12 or 9 and 9?

  5. Great vid. Thanks.

  6. hello I would come to know how can I find the steps to make one because I also thank the gentleman who builds not from any help hello

  7. hello I would come to know how can I find the steps to make one because I also thank the gentleman who builds not from any help hello

  8. I would love to make this in my shop but in terms of cost I think it’s cheaper to buy a gas generator and just remove the engine, strap on a pin-wheel and Bob’s your uncle.

  9. I will search for more solutions and maybe commercial generator will be the final option. Thank you again.

  10. I know very little about designing an axial flux alternator except what I’ve found here and on the net. I do know that higher current levels need heavier wire in the coils and higher voltages, more turns. There’s the problem. For 220V at any significant power levels you’re looking at some rather large coils. Add to that larger magnets and you’re talking a major endeavor here. May be more cost effective to buy a commercial generator over building one. Sorry I can’t offer much more help.

  11. Hi awizardalso.
    I read in some article that efficiency of induction generator for 400 W output is very small (under 60 %) and belt gearing is needed to reach the right RPM (depends on number of poles). Thank you.

  12. Markozmajar- Google ‘induction motor generator’, and search YouTube, as well. It appears that by changing a couple capacitors, a common induction motor can be used as generator to produce 120 volt AC power at 60 hertz. I haven’t researched these much, but I would assume a 220 volt motor will generate at around 220 volts. Might be an alternative to designing and building your own alternator from scratch.

  13. Nice generator. What is the efficiency of your generator/altenator? Is it possible with any device to convert output current to 220 V, without battery. I am thinking to use generator in hydro aplication where is near constant power and RPM.

  14. awesome that’s what i was seeking

  15. Please explain, how does that work ?

  16. Could you tell me why you have two coils of wire ? I thought it was one wire coiled 100 times. OR is it just to make faster ?
    so you only have to wind 50 times ?

  17. Never mind…with my kung-fu grip, i made them fit

  18. Absolutely first rate. Thanks for posting this.

  19. Im winding a set of coils now and finding it difficult to make them narrow enough to fit. Each coil is nearly 1/4in too wide and when I squeeze them Im concerned they will get too thick to fit into the mold.

  20. Thank you!
    No, we are just regular shop guys.

  21. Thank you very much!

  22. In this video, we are using 2 strands of 18 ga to make a single conductor which has a 15 ga equivalent.

  23. The wire is insulated….so they can touch.

  24. how many tour for one bobine ?
    and the section plaese

  25. On the wiring diagram they are color coded blue, red, and yellow. It looked like the wires were wrapped around the outside…. so I’m guessing it doesn’t matter much if a wire from a blue one is against a yellow or red one?

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