AeroTurbine – Becker’s Darrieus and Savonius Combination

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This turbine designed by Bil Becker of University of Illinois. It has a design that is suitable for urban settings – caged, small size and low noise, albeit not very efficient, but very desirable to get you partially off the grid.


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  1. @GhVost You ‘re right about radii , but savonius efficiency is higher than 12% by far . Near 25 % peak.

  2. this does not show any new ideas, same old design stolen from an American Indian design from 1980’s , perfessor please give us something new.

  3. i drive a tank

  4. if we manage to survive, our future can be great.

    love this project !

  5. Hi

    Please contact me at 801 726 7664 cell. I’m working on a similar concept and would like to know what type of alternator you are using,


    Duane Carling ctm913@hotmail,com

  6. inner and outer shrouds are the “savonius” and “darrenius” parts respectively. Tip Speed Rate (tsr) of a savonius is always <1 while efficiency is <12%. darrenius's tsr at its most efficient value is about 4 and efficiency is below 40% (almost as the best HAWT), but it almost never starts itself . So, the radii of darrenius and savonius parts should be of ratio 3:1 (at least) to help the most efficient part to start working. I think, only the poor savonius rotor works.

  7. He didn’t invent the helix turbine.
    Just build the damn thing, don’t show off with other people’s work.

  8. That may be how it “self-regulates” in high speed winds.

    (Don’t know much about engineering/physics, just taking a guess.)

  9. Dear Mr. Becker,

    I have sent several e-mails with corresponding background material to Chris and Lisa but as of late haven’t received any responses. I do realize that you are focusing currently on San Francisco and not the Pacific Northwest but I believe that if you overlook Oregon and Washington with its vast wind potential it would be a large error. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Best regards,

  10. I live near Mackinaw City Michigan. We have twin wind generators supplying 30% of Mackinaw City’s power. We also have a 5 mile long Mackinaw Bridge that could accommodate hundreds of these DNA Style wind generators. It would be an ideal place to compare the power generation of the two types. If an equivalent $ investment were given to Bill Becker’s Aero turbines, it would be an ideal comparison and our community would benefit.

  11. Mr.Backer,Yours is a great and excelant design
    I also had been working on non-conventional energy for last 16 years I also have a unique design of wind mill can produce more power bit different than yours shortly you will be hearing from me a video.

  12. Yes, we are. This VAWT is primarily intended for our VAWT powered street lights in the first phase as the models we have tested are small in size – 200W to 500 W. We are not targetting the backyard market yet, which needs power in the range of 2kW to 10 kW.

    But please let me know of your interest.


  13. Please let me know if you are working on a VAWT. If you are, would you be interested in building them for sale. One of your videos seem to be you working on a promising Darrieus which has potential for our application. VAWTs may be less efficient than HAWTs but there are cost advantages in some application.

  14. Anyone know the new type of alterntor or generator that Mr. Becker says that he is designing.

  15. massmegawatts dot com looks like it is outright fraud. they dont have any data to prove their claim that they produced anything in the past or they will produce any energy in the future

  16. look at massmegawatts DOT COM they have a similar design and he is getting megawatts

  17. it won’t

  18. if it is a combined savonius/darrieus won’t the savonius part impede the darrieus part in higher wind speed? (where the tip speed approaces wind speed).

  19. Hi, this is not a new invention, the problem is that it is not producing enough electricity, I would like to see how big it grows to be able to produce eg.10kw / (10 000 watt)

  20. Does rural Michigan have a different wind profile from the rest of the country? Like ground level turbulant winds? Then this may be a good design for such places. Otherwise the russian design (Lenz type or pure Darrieus type) is more efficient than Bil Becker’s design. Bil’s design is more attractive for urban areas like roof tops of buildings, where efficiency is not the key requirement but space is the constraint.

  21. I live in rural Michigan, and this would definitely work! I like this idea a lot better than bladed designs.

  22. Also posted at the other video… Is there any more info available (in this case the power curve) from this rotor?

  23. But the inventor claims it does. The inner shroud is Savonius, but the outer blades are Darrieus as per the claim

  24. I am sure that this wind turbine don’t work with darrieus concept but only salvonius

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